This Site is About Art

I am the admin guy and am getting hundreds of submission’s that have nothing to do with Art. So if your trying to sell something or just want to talk about something else know that I will not post you.

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Art Blog That We Like

Here is a link to a Blog page that we at artworld found really nice, hope that you will too.

The Art of Orr Marshall

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All about Art World

Hi, I’m the admin guy for art world. This blog is to allow people all around the world to discuss, discover, and to explore all things artistic. To find out what we all have in common, a way to unite the people on earth rather than divide. Something that go’s beyond religion or politics. I hope that you will enjoy exploring the art in Art World and write about what you like. Thanks.



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Great site

I really love art world it has so many great sites one could get lost in it for days. Thank you for creating it.

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