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  These silver prints come in limited edition reprints 1/30- 1/50 and for 10 of the most popular prints 1/250.
Most of the negatives are 8"x10" and were taken with a Kodak box camera. The resolution of these is remarkable. They come printed on fiber base paper and dry mounted on double museum archival matting,  framed with high quality metal frames
ready to hang.
The price includes packing and insurance, shipping is extra.

 Printed by Dana Knee.
 8"x10"    = $400.
 11"x14"  = $500.
 16"x20"  = $800.
  There are also a limited number of original signed  prints by Ernest Knee depending on availability.
They range from $3,000. to $4,000. and are numbered accordingly, usually small editions like 1/5.
  There are also original boxed prints, numbered, some signed in verso, depending on availability.
They range from $800. to $1,200.

  The vintage prints (prints that were made when Ernest took the photograph) are reserved for the serious
collector and museum archives and the prices vary.

  The book is available, printed by the Museum of New Mexico, cloth, hard bound, 9 1/2"x 12 1/4",  
 114 pages with 90 plates and the story of his life (A Window in Time) by Catherine Williamson.
  $39.  plus shipping.

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