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Photographs from 1930-1950

He was Howard Hughes personal photographer for seven years and the first cameraman to record Angel Falls,the world's highest waterfal. But of the thousands of photographs Knee took during the1930s and 40s,his heart, and eye,gravitated most to the majesty of New Mexico's skies, churches, villages and endless landscapes.

art text"ArtThe Museum is located at 107 west Palace just off the historic Santa Fe plaza.

Regular hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 - 5 Summer Hours (Memorial Day - Labor Day): Monday-Sunday 10-5



Lisa Feather Art

Berkeley, California

Because I am not interested in reproducing what is immediately apparent, but rather discovering new ways of seeing what is overlooked, I often straddle the line between abstraction and representation. Looking into my paintings one will sometimes see mysterious shapes or colors that are vestiges of older paintings underneath. I combine layers of paint to create deep, lush color, and imbue my work with a sense of mystery. When outdoors I contemplate the patterns of things, like the way certain trees dapple light or pine trees grow in spirals. Using these visual rythms allows me to omit surplus details and focus on the process of creating.

Taos Vacation Guide

New Mexico USA

puebloTaos Pueblo



P.O.Rewalsar 175023. Mandi District

H.P., India

Phone 91 981-611-1012

Tso-Pema Nursery and Kids' Garden was started in 2000 to answer the pressing need for a school to help educate and care for the growing community of Tibetan children in Rewalsar. By Dr. Shering Dorjee, a Tibetan sociologist from Ladakh.

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