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We are in dire need of funds and other materials to help the school to function and run efficiently. We have three rooms for almost forty children and three teachers to guide them. We prepare a hot meal and tea every day school is in session and we sometimes have a field trip with a picnic included. Our rent for the building is comparitively high, and all the teachers receive a small salary. 

Apart from helping the school to continue, donations and/or material aid could be used:
1)  To repair and improve the school building and the rooms where classes are held.
2)  To buy modern educational equipment and replace old blackboards and slates.
3)  To supply more texts, notebooks, pencils, erasers, construction paper, scissors, and glue.
4)  To supply more toys and learning tools appropriate for children aged 2-5 and 6-9.

In order to provide a secure infrastructure and cover our expenses, we urge everyone to come forward and help us financially.  We are trying to provide the best of modern education and to create a good standard school, and whatever support is given will be deeply appreciated and the giver included in all our prayers.

Direct donations can be made by money order or sent by Western Union to the address below:
Material goods can be shipped to:
Dr. Tsering Dorjee c/o Wosam Classic Collection          
Rewalsar 175023, Distt. Mandi, H.P., India
Phone contact for Dr. Tsering Dorjee is: 91 981-611-1012           

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