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Statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day


Dr. Shering and Tso-Pema Nursery and Kids' Garden students and teachers

    In 1959, when the communist Chinese invaded peace-loving Tibet, many thousands of Tibetans were killed and thousands more fled to India.  With the generous help of the Indian government, Tibetan settlements and monasteries came into existence, and people found various kinds of work to support themselves and their families in exile.  However, of primary concern was how to impart an education to coming generations of Tibetan children which would preserve and continue the rich cultural heritage that is theirs. It was felt in the communities that in order to maintain our unique identity, separate Tibetan schools were needed.
   Currently, there are nearly 500 Tibetans living in Tso-pema,  which in the Tibetan language means lotus-born. (the town is better known as Rewalsar), India,  running small businesses and restaurants. With their hard-earned money, they manage to pay rent and eke out enough to survive. The plights of many are still deplorable, and the children suffer most. While their parents remain preoccupied with their work, the children receive little care and are often neglected.  In order to alleviate the sufferings of the people and to help the children to use their time in a purposeful way, a modest attempt to establish a nursery school was made.
    We are in dire need of funds and other materials to help the school to function and run efficiently. The environment and rooms where the teaching takes place are barely adequate.
   1. We currently have 3 small rooms to accommodate 50 children with 3 teachers to guide them.
       Especially during the rainy season, we have trouble with water leaking from the ceilings.
   2. We have very little in the way of modern educational equipment, and need to replace old  
       blackboards and slates.
   3. We also need notebooks, pencils, and textbooks.
   4. Since the children are taught with a play method, learning tools and toys are required.
    The rent for the rooms is a bit expensive, and teachers must be paid a salary .We also provide tea and a hot lunch for the children. In order to provide a            secure infrastructure and cover these expenses, we urge each and every one to come forward and help us financially.  We are in the process of providing
    the best of modern education and establishing a good,  standard school, so we appreciate deeply any and all support given.

     Our aims are to teach the importance of moral values, to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Tibet,to be a proud citizen of our homeland, and a contributing  member of society.

Children doing a traditional dance


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